Funhouse = Fun. Experiential. Innovative.

Funhouse Design is an award winning multidisciplinary design studio that is based in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. We provide a wide range of design services: urban design,  architectural design, landscape design, interior design and real estate development consultancy . Our design team consists of professional commercial development consultants and experienced architects who are eager to propose commercially feasible, innovative, experiential and functional design solutions to our clients.

Research & Raise Question
Our design team gains insight into every client’s needs, project requirement, budget and site context via thorough and rigorous research.  Practical and intellectual questions are often raised on critical aspects and this knowledge is used as a springboard for design. 
Research is the Key

Optimize & Build Values
Our design team is thrilled to experiment a wide range of initial concepts and strategies and presents the best to the client. Along with professional consultants and design partners, we explore and optimize the inherent potential of every project and generate value for clients. We strive to achieve design solution that is unique, practical, inspiring, sustainable, cost-effective and socially responsive. 
Innovation is the Value

Manage & Achieve Result
Our design team specifies all ideas and details and compiles design documents for client to ensure quality and exact translation of ideas. In many cases, we oversee the construction process ourselves directly, providing profession management and technical support services.
Streamlining is the Goal 
Kenneth Yeung is the founder and design principal of Funhouse Design based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. A professional with over 15 years of experience in the creative field, he received his Master of Architecture from Princeton University and he has previously studied at Rice University, UC Berkeley and Lehigh University in the United States. Over the past 4 years, Kenneth has led Funhouse Design to win significant commissions in mainland China and South East Asia, notably a 400, 000 sq m mixed use development in Hubei, a 5 km sq m scenic town planning design in Puer City, Yunnan and various mixed use development in Cambodia and the Philippines.  
The diverse education and experience not only broadened his horizon but also allowed him to pursue design in a multidisciplinary direction, subsequently developing design projects in large scale urban planning, architectural design, landscape design and interior design. Kenneth has worked on over 70 progressive design projects in the US, Europe, Oceania, China, South East Asia and Hong Kong. His Interest in parametric geometry and low cost modular system has compelled him to experiment in 3 dimensional pattern, producing numerous custom crafted and ornate materials to imbue facade and interior spaces. Kenneth was selected as a winner of 2008 Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award by Hong Kong Government.
In 2011, Kenneth joined the renowned Turenscape Design Institute in Beijing China, of which he founded Turenscape International Studio (TIS), a 50 person international design team that specialised in Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture and Architecture. Since then, he was instrumental in procuring and managing design projects in Hong Kong, Bali Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, US, Europe and the Middle East of which Bali and Malaysian projects are currently the largest on-going urban projects in both countries.
Prior to joining Turenscape, Kenneth was the Cofounder and Design Principal of Award winning design firm, Studio YH in Hong Kong. Studio YH was the first architectural design firm supported by the HKSAR Government under the Design Incubation Initiatives and was frequently featured in the press media.
Aside professional practices, Kenneth has been closely engaged in research, developing speculative projects that challenge ordinary norms and has participated in lectures, seminars and exhibitions in China. He has previously taught at Princeton University and Suzhou Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University and also serves as a frequent guest critic at different design schools in China and Hong Kong. 
Design Interests
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